"In Brazil, the Apple exporter is the producer."


In three decades, the apple cultivation in Brazil has managed to stand out in the world fruit growing. This achievement is due to, among ther factors, the strong organization of the sector. This is why, ABPM - the Brazilian Association of Apple Producers has been working, since its foundation on January 31, 1978, very hard to achieve a strong leadership in the Brazilian fruit business. With 28 members, among companies, cooperatives and regional and state association, the ABPM aggregates over 4.500 producers, which represents about 90% of the Brazilian production of apples. The ABPM leads the relationship between producers and ther entities of the sector, and with public authorities in order to continously develop the quality of the Brazilian apple in all fiels and make it better known and appreciated throughout the world. During this period of 37 years, the apple industry has developed tremendously and currently maintains more than 150,000 direct and indirect jobs. Introduced in the most demading markets, the Brazilian apple is a reference in flavor, quality, food safety, environmental responsability and commitment to society.