"In Brazil, the Apple exporter is the producer."

Brazilian Apple Industry

The modern orchard apple concept began in 1963.

After having studied a lot of combination of roots stocks and varieties, of densities and shapes the commercial planting started in the late 70's.

Brazilian apple industry boasts modernity at each production stage. In the field more tham 90% of our varieties belong to modern clones of the Gala and Fuji, and in the Packing Houses we have the newest tecnologies for fruit storage and sorting. This interation and facility to adopt the latest trends, made it easier for the Brazilian apple industry to adapt to the most demaging renowned international protocols, which garantee sustainability (ethics use of natural resources, respect of the fauna and flora, respect and recognition of our employees, traceability and food safety). In addition, the subtropical influence over the temperature regions of southern Brazil, gives the Brazilian Gala and Fuji an extraordinary and incomparable flavor in the world. Meet our major exporters and also provide your customers with the unmatched taste of the Brazilian apples.